Road freight

Servicii - Road freight

ORBIT ROMANIA places high importance on Road Freight Cargo, attesting its indubitable qualities as remarkable mobillity, higher than other transport modes, fast adaptation to any kind of road and the ability to fill in the other transport modalities. Taking into account that the other ways of transportation cannot achieve the whole transport chain without the help of road freight, is the only one which can fulfill by itself the transport process from the loading up to the unloading place. Also, it can insure the quality of perishable goods due to the removal of additional handling.

The great experience gained by the high volume of tonnage which ORBIT ROMANIA has handled since the beginning of our operations allows us to successfully handle any kind of transportation: general, special, heavy haulage, quick, textiles or temperature controlled.



ORBIT ROMANIA meets its clients needs by optimizing the road freight process. This includes decreasing the transport and accessories expenses per weight unit or volume, which allows us to offer better prices for freight handling and packing, and a fast adaptability to changeable situations of global economy.

ORBIT ROMANIA transport services include:

  • regular traffic, online control
  • full and partial loads
  • custom formalities for non UE countries
  • general, special, temperature controlled, dangerous truckfreight
  • full informations and documents
  • door-to-door delivery in collaboration with our Group centers
  • CMR insurance, Group insurance, forwading insurance
  • dedicated fleet for our clients with regular transport
  • online and phone control of trucks

The main route for ORBIT ROMANIA transport services is Greece, where we offer weekly groupage line, daily full loads to / from any city and also rapid transport upon request. We have our own vehicles and contracted trucks, depending on loading requests:

  • tilt trucks 22 tons payload
  • mega tilt truck (h = 3 m) 22 tons payload
  • heavy haulage trailer
  • temperature-controlled van
  • van 3 cbm / 775 kg payload
  • van 18 cbm / 1375 kg payload
  • van 20 cbn / 1450 kg payload
  • van 40 cbm / 3200 kg

ORBIT ROMANIA offers international road freight with full or groupage load to / from Bulgaria and Turkey frequently and also multimodal transport to Cyprus. 

An important target for ORBIT ROMANIA is the sustained improvement of road transport to Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Italy where we have strong collaborations with important agents to ensure effective services.