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You are about to move into a new home or abroad and do not know the implications of this? ORBIT ROMANIA team can offer you technical and logistical support from the very first step.



It all starts with a visit to your home. Our estimation agent specializing in volume calculations will meet with you to map the elements to be moved and to discuss the details of moving. It will explore ways to access, the possibility of parking the truck in front of your residence, the existence of elevators, stairs, interior size and other aspects of the move itself. Depending on the volume to be moved, the distance to the new location, method of transport, access conditions and other factors, he will proceed to calculate the price. The price offer will be sent to you together with details of the time required for packaging, transportation and destination services, so that you can plan your program as well.

Acceptance Of Quotation

After accepting the offer, your file will be taken by the operations department and they will start organizing, team and trucks planning .

You will be contacted to determine the day / days you want to make the move, arriving of the team at your residence and organizational details.

We can, several days before moving, deliver at your residence some packing materials, if you want to start a selection of items and pack them yourself.


On the day agreed with our operational department our crew will arrive at your residence at the requested hour to do the packing, after our crew leader has made a brief tour of the property with you, they will be prepared with special materials such as :

Packing paper required for: tableware, decorative objects, fragile items.

Plastic bubble wrap: packing used for furniture, paintings, items with atypical features, which can not be placed in boxes.

Cardboard boxes of various sizes: dishes, clothes, books, CDs / DVDs, toys.


After finishing packing, your personal effects will be transported to the new location. Transportation will be different, depending on distance and location.

Airfreight: Recommended only for small volumes due to significantly higher costs and the size and conditions imposed by the airline. It is a widely used mode of transport where there is a short period of time allocated for transport.

Roadfreight: It is a way to carry personal effects anywhere in Europe and in the surrounding areas with bodied trucks. Depending on the volume, items can be transported by groupage trucks or dedicated trucks. At the request of clients, even small volumes can be transported in dedicated mode. Trucks are used for tonnages ranging from 3.5 tons to 20 tons.

Seafreight: This type of transport is recommended when the country of destination is on another continent and is the best solution to reduce transport costs and sometimes the only solution for high volume transportation. Depending on the volume transported, there is the choice of a 20 foot container with a maximum capacity of 27 cubic meters, a 40 foot container with a maximum capacity of 67 cubic meters or 40 HC(high cube) container capacity built over 80 cubic feet . Also, for small volumes, we can use any variation of loads - your packages are transported in containers but together with other parties belonging to other customers.


Once the goods reached their destination, they will be subject to customs inspection (if necessary) and start delivery to your residence. Our team at destination will provide the following services: delivery to the residence with their own trucks, unloading, unpacking, assembling furniture, placing it in position and collection of packaging. Other additional services may be made available on request: electrician, carpenter, plumber.

All waste materials and debris will be collected and removed from the property and returned for recycling by our team.

During the complete moving process you will be assisted by our Operations Department Manager and his operations team. They will supervise the moving, providing support and prompt answers to all your questions.