Servicii - Logistics


  • Unloading of palletized and non palletized products of any kind
  • Receiving – quality inspection (outer)
  • Checking of expected receipts
  • On time system receipt
  • Putting away – storage
  • Replenishment of picking locations
  • Order Picking
  • Order Checking by scanning (item), packing, labeling

Capability to inspect - receive and handle all kind of packaging either loose, boxes or pallets.

Storage with location system and picking – checking with PDA.


Process Methodologies

  • Receiving by PDA (cartons, items/ reverse)
  • Auto replenishment of the picking area (FIFO, FEFO)
  • Loose picking by list or PDA
  • Checking – packing by scanning
  • Packing list labels
  • Fully automated inventory control

The whole handling process is supported by advanced technology (WMS, Barcode, wireless build in racking systems etc) which guarantees accuracy, efficiency, utilization and minimum errors.


Cross Docking

  • Handling of various seasonal and high value products
  • Handling of extreme peaks of distribution
  • Flexible warehouse management system

Usage of fully or semi automation, in order to support complex Cross Docking processes, to reduce handling cost, to achieve next day delivery and to secure high throughput volumes.


Warehouse Management

Flexible WMS, continuously improved and upgraded

Easy to be parameterized for every customer and any need

Dedicated location for specific storage area and picking slot

Random location for stock

FIFO, FEFO, LOT, traceability

PDA usage for checking and stock count

Scanning of location, items, boxes, pallets

Mantis WMS which eases the - just in customer time- parameterized process and it is continuously improved and upgraded to support every complex demands and needs.