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Insuring your goods is not a waste of money. You may be moving your goods with the most reliable and famous moving company in Southern Europe and amongst the best moving companies worldwide, but we still cannot predict unexpected incidents during transport! Therefore we would advise you to arrange an All Risks Insurance cover for your shipment via ORBIT ROMANIA.

Your valuables and belongings will be securely shipped with carefully selected agents.

Why should you insure your shipment?


We offer you the BEST insurance options

  • Basic Cover
  • Comprehensive Cover
  • Supreme Cover
  • Travel Insurance


Basic Cover- What does it cover?

  • Explosion or fire.
  • When vessel or truck runs aground, is sunk or dumped.
  • When vessel, truck or rail is crashed or derailed.
  • General average institution.
  • Total Loss of the container while it is loaded on the vessel.
  • Damages due to Sea water in the container (Damage due to Rain water is not included).


Basic Cover- When does it apply?

  • For all the Packed by Owner boxes, as well as for those boxes or packages that we cannot certify the condition of the content.
  • When a Door to Port service is requested.
  • When our Agent is not requested to effect unpacking at destination.


Comprehensive & Supreme Cover


  • Insurance cover from wall to wall (from packing till unloading)



  • At all-risks-conditions.
  • Are insured without additional premium up to 120 days.
  • Further extensions can be agreed.


No limitations and no additional premium for:

  • Glass items
  • Chinaware
  • Objects d’art
  • Antiques

Claims for scratches are included.

Lack of packing / insufficiency of packing caused by the removers is included.


Items that cannot be insured:

  • Livestock
  • Plants
  • Cash, coins
  • Negotiable documents
  • Stamps
  • Shares documents
  • Jewelry, precious stones, pearls, furs, minted and unminted precious metals and similar valuable articles


Benefits of the Supreme Cover

  • Pair and set Clause – up to 10% / Euro 10.000 per claim.  The insurer can either (1)repair or replace any part to restore the pair or set to its value prior to the loss, or (2) pay the difference between the actual cash value of the property before and after the loss.
  • Depreciation Clause – up to 10% / Euro 10.000 per claim.
  • Consequential Loss Clause – up to 10%/ Euro 10.000/ claim. Example: The washing machine is damaged from the removal. Until the spare part will be delivered the customer can claim the expenses from the laundry (External cost).
  • Financial Loss Clause – up t up to 10%/ Euro 10.000/ claim.  Example: The shipping line loaded accidently the container on the wrong vessel. Consequently, the family who is waiting to receive their car & hhgds can claim the cost for a rented car for this period. Important!! It must be proved that the delay occurred due to this reason and not due to unpredictable circumstances i.e. strikes etc.
  • Waiver of Underinsurance Provided E. 600/ E. 1.000 / cbm.
  • Compensation Clause.



  • Deductable Euro 200 for any one claim.
  • Minimum Insurance Cost Euro 75.
  • All Values should reflect the Replacement value.
  • The valued inventory list must be sent to Orphee Beinoglou at least 2 days prior the packing date.
  • You have 10 days after delivery to report any damages and make a claim!
  • War / strike risks (upon request) + 0,20%


Travel Insurance

  • In combination with the above insurance options OB customer can insure his\her baggage's for one trip only provided that the risk has not started yet.
  • Insured value up to Euro 10.000.
  • Valuables should not exceed Euro 5.000 in total.