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Preparation prevents surprises when moving with pets.

Each animal may react differently to traveling and new surroundings. The easiest way to insure that a move goes smoothly is to familiarize each pet with the experience in advance. Practice using travel kennels and riding in a car if these will be new adventures. Try to keep pets calm on moving day and away from the excitement of strangers.

Moving with pets does not have to be a stressful experience. You and your pet can enjoy a positive relocation experience, stress-free. The safety and health of your pet is most important during relocation. So, be sure that when moving with pets, these two aspects come first and foremost. Our company has a complete range of services:

  • Residential pick-up
  • Local airport terminal service
  • Export documentation
  • Air cargo reservations
  • Air cargo air way bill preparation
  • Air cargo charges
  • Insurance coverage
  • Destination airport terminal service
  • Customs clearance
  • Accommodation for the pet at special hotels
  • Veterinary inspection where applicable
  • Delivery to destination residence