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1. Do you undertake to detach my electrical equipment? 

Packing crews are unauthorized by law to interfere with service disconnections i.e. air-conditioning, chandelier etc. However, our handyman, by arrangement can arrange all the electrical disassembling of your household goods upon request. 


2. How long will it take for the packing to be effected? 

Packing in general needs special treatment. It takes time because every item in the house is different. The time which usually takes for packing is the result of many variables. The total volume of your house, the accessibility and the nature of items you wish to move are factors which influence the duration of the packing. Our specialist Moving Consultant will advise you the required days just after surveying your house. 


3. Where will I spend the last night before moving out? 

Normally, if the packing exceeds a single day, we leave as the last minute packing items such as the beds so that you can spend the night as smoothly as it gets. 


4. Can I have some packing material sent before the packing starts? 

You can ask for some carton boxes to pack your most personal effects from your Moving Coordinator to be sent to you some days before the packing is scheduled. 


5. My move is effected, but what can I do with all these empty cartons? 

Due to the pressure of the day and the great volume of your goods it's likely you won’t be able to unpack all the carton boxes the day of the delivery to your new house. Part of our service includes the collection of the debris. After you are finished with the unpacking of the cartons please give us a call to arrange the desirable date for pick up. 


6. Do I need to have anything prepared before the survey day? 

It would be very helpful from your behalf if you could spend some time to decide which items you are finally moving to your new house. It will save us time if it is set which things go where so that we can be more accurate in our quotation.